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We are please to finally announce the release of our new AdminPRO Version 6. More user friendly and more new features than ever before!
Upgrade from Version 5 with a few steps or Contact the Fontana Software office for more information.
Follow the installation steps at the bottom of this page.
The AdminPRO application was tested in Windows 10, Vista and Windows.

AdminPRO Patch  V6.4.2D (Download patch only if automatic update fails!)

Download AdminPRO Patch V6.4.2D (7.5MB)
AdminPRO will now do updates automatically!

  • NB: Download and run this patch manually only if:
    • automatic updates fail. (e.g. blocked by your Firewall etc.)
    • the full V6.3.9 or higher is already installed and registered.

Registration Issues:

  • The Admin programs may not be used without registering with Fontana Software
  • and paying the monthly support fees.
  • Please help us by not distributing illegal copies of AdminPRO.
  • Fontana Software cannot grow and constantly better the program
  • without the loyal support of our customers.

Please follow these steps in downloading and installing new updates:

Once left click on the file to be downloaded e.g. Download AdminPRO V6.3.2.

The download will begin immediately. It will be saved in your Downloads folder in Documents.

The download will appear at the bottom of the screen, either in the middle or on the left hand side of the screen.

The name of the file that is being downloaded will show and it will be e.g. AdminPFull_V6.exe.

Once the download is complete, click on Run (if you are using Internet Explorer) or once left click on the download (if you are using Google Chrome)

The User Account Control screen might appear with the following message: Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC Click on Yes.

The installation will now begin.

Follow the on-screen prompts.

Once the installation is complete, close all applications, open your AdminPRO and ensure that the version is the latest e.g. V6.0.2.

Pre-Requisites for all Software

Download Prerequisites for AdminPRO Version 6 (+-25MB)
NB: This install is only required for upgrade from Version 5 or for new AdminPRO installations and not again for upgrades.

Download Microsoft PreRequisites (+-2.6MB)
NB: Install this only once on your computer, failed to do so will result in the following error when trying to run AdminPRO: 'Side by side configuration is incorrect...'

Download Microsoft .NET Framework V2 (+-23.5MB)
NB: Install this only on Windows XP computers. All later windows versions already has it installed or you will need to activate it under Programs and Features.


Teamviewer Remote Access

 Download Teamviewer Remote Access Program  V13 NB: Only download Teamviewer V13 or smaller (if you already have this version installed) as our licencing is only applicable for V13 or smaller.
Click on Download Teamviewer

This will allow Fontana Software Support to do Remote support direct on your computer. You will have to provide Fontana Software with the latest password every time this support is required for safety reasons as it changes with every login/Restart of your computer.

AdminPRO Help Files

Download AdminPRO Online Help Files (+-9MB)
NB: Download and install this only once per Computer even if you have more than one AdminPRO installation on your computer.
AdminPRO Help
: Online help is now available by pressing F1 on any screen to get information on that screen.

AdminPRO Program V6.3.9

Download AdminPRO V6.3.9 (+-17MB)
NB: Download and install this install only after all the Prerequisites are installed.