Administration and Financial management software for Churches, Small Business and Old Age Homes.

manages all member's/client's/resident's information and finances, sending and receiving Email and SMS messages. The financial module makes it possible to keep track of all financial transactions of multiple bank accounts and to reconcile at the end of each month from the bank statements.

GIS Development

Development of various GIS software:

Incident Management Systems

Vehicle tracking

Drive time calculations

Infrastructure management


Asset Register Capture Tool

Developed an Asset register capture tool running on a Windows Tablet. This application integrated with a barcode scanner and a built-in camera and various detailed reports could be generated.

Water Monitor

Developed an automated dial-up software program to automatically dial into various water reservoirs, at specific times, to download all available data e.g. water flow and reservoir level etc. The data is stored in an Access database where reports and graphs can be drawn.

System analysis

We specialise in Analysing Systems and finding solutions for complex challenges in new or existing software programs.

Command and control systems

Systems Architect and development for various Emergency Management Command and Control Systems all over South Africa.
This includes C++ on Linux, C++ on Windows/CE, C# on Windows, Java for Android Mobiles.
This software uses a GIS layer with incident location, vehicle tracking etc.

Home automation systems

This system contains of an alarm, and Automation system.
Setup and Configuration:

Can have up to 100 different ports for Switching or monitoring

Easy configuration

View on your Android phone/tablet

Switch On/Off:

Lights or any other appliance

Geyser with different timer settings

Pumps with different timer settings

Irrigation with different timer settings

Open Close:

Garage door with status monitoring

Gates with status monitoring


Mains Power and Trip Switches

Any Open/Closed door etc.

Any On/Off switch

Inside and Outside Temperature

Water Ph value


Connect multiple Cameras and view on your Android Phone/Tablet


Developed various Communication channels in Windows, Linux and Android platforms - .
This includes php on the web, C++ on Linux, C++ on Windows/CE, C# on Windows, Java for Android Mobiles.
TCPIP, X25 etc.