Farm Management

Farm manager

The field layout of his farm

The farmer defines all the fields being used by numbering each field and then matching that same number to the physical field number and then assign the actual size in hectare to the declared field

The product to be produced i.e. Pineapples

In this section the farmer declares the seed type to be used, the MSDS specific information for the product (i.e. quantity to be used and the withholding period for this product) and the sequence of activities necessary to produce the product.

Automatic task date calculation

If a task date is changed for some reason or another, the system will automatically recalculate the dates of all other tasks depending on the one that changed and also all other subsequent dependencies.

Generate works-instructions which comply with GlobalGAP V4 requirements

Once the farmer selected a task to be performed, the system will generate a Works Instruction. The works instruction complies with all the requirements of GlobalGap V4.

End-to-end traceability

Traceability is a result of all the functions built into the system. Example: a delivery note refers to packaging types which in turn refers to a harvest incident, which again refers to a field. Because the system records all information regarding what tasks were performed on the field, a complete history of the field is available. This includes: which agri-practice was used to produce the product and right back to what seed was used and the origin thereof.

Comprehensive reporting


FarmManager is a software solution which aims to assist in the management of an Agriculture Practice.

An Agricultural Practice (AP) is a sequence of activities which must happen in a specific order and on a specific time. These activities are in relation to each other and dependent upon each other. The purpose of the AP is to produce a product that meets the requirements set by the market and complies to all food safety regulations.

FarmManager addresses all aspects of the definition of an AP by allowing the farm manager to setup the system according to the way he manages his farm. The system endeavours to assist the farmer with all Good Agricultural Practice requirements like GlobalGAP, Field-to-Fork and Natures Choice. It also allows for end-to-end traceability.

The resources (chemicals fertilisers etc.) necessary during the agri-practice

All resources that will be necessary during the execution of the AP is declared. This includes all the information on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The active ingredient (if applicable) is also captured together with percentage per volume of the ingredient.


This is a generic definition as if the activity will be performed on One Hectare. It will include all the resources necessary for the activity and the procedure to follow.

Calendar based daily to-do list of work to be done

At this stage the Agri-Practice can be assigned to a field. This will result in a calendar like TODO list of tasks to perform. The system will list all tasks still outstanding for a selected date. By selecting a task, the system will present the farmer with all the information regarding the task i.e.: which fields, all resource quantities and all personal safety requirements.

Comprehensive stock control

Stock control consists of order processing, goods received and back orders. Furthermore, stock will be automatically adjusted as and when works instruction are executed.

Harvest incidents with reference to the packaging types and volumes (yield)

In this section the farmer records harvest incidents which refers to the field from where the product was harvested. It also records what packaging type was used and how many of the packaging type. This allows the farmer to calculate yield per hectare etc.

Delivery notes

At this stage the farmer compiles a delivery note consisting of the packaging types and quantities. The system also assists with the reconciliation of delivery notes and the price achieved on the market.

Food Safety

Because of the comprehensive definition of all resources, the system will warn the farmer of any food safety rule transgressions and then allow him to rectify.